SmartFoxServer Pro to 2X license conversion

If you want to upgrade your multiplayer game based on the older SmartFoxServer Pro to the more advanced and feature-rich SmartFoxServer 2X, you are entitled to a 30% discount on the 2X retail price in case you dismiss your existing Pro license. And if you need to convert three or more licenses, you get an additional 10% volume discount.


  • You can convert a Pro license to the corresponding 2X license in terms of CCU number (for example a SFS Pro 500 Users license can be converted to a SFS 2X 500 Users license only)
  • You are requested to sign a Software Destruction Letter and destroy all copies of the Pro license file within a week upon receiving the 2X license
  • The conversion of SmartFoxServer Basic licenses to 2X is not possible

How to proceed

  • Download the Software Destruction Letter1 by clicking on this link
  • Execute it and send it by email (click on Support » Contact us in the main menu) together with your current license file2; also indicate the payment method you want to use (credit card / PayPal / wire transfer)
  • After receiving instructions from us, send the payment
  • Wait for our email containing the SFS 2X license setup instructions
  • Activate the SFS 2X license and destroy all copies of the SFS Pro license file





1. If you need to convert multiple licenses with different "sizes" (number of CCU: 100, 500 or Unlimited Users), please fill a separate letter for each size.

2. In case you own multiple SmartFoxServer Pro licenses but you don't want to convert all of them, please also provide the private IP address/es to which the license/s to be converted is/are bound.