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SmartFoxServer Pro has been the most advanced multiplayer games engine available on the market for six years, used by hundreds of customers. It still powers some of the most creative and successful web based multiplayer games/MMOs from all over the world. Our client list includes Disney's Club Penguin, MTV, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., Viacom, Cartoon Network... just to name a few.

Even if now the scepter goes to SmartFoxServer 2X, the Pro edition still provides powerful tools to create sophisticated realtime multiuser applications and games at an affordable price. It improves the Basic edition by means of new functionalities specifically designed for advanced projects, like server-side coding, database connectivity, an embedded web server, proxy/firewall traversal capabilities and more.

It also provides outstanding performance and reliability: its core engine can handle tens of thousands of concurrent clients with low cpu and memory usage, leaving plenty of resources for your custom server-side logic.


As SmartFoxServer Pro shares the code base with its younger brother, the Basic edition, for a description of the common features please refer to the SmartFoxServer Basic page. In the next table instead you fill find the list of advanced features provided by SmartFoxServer Pro only.

Server-side Extensions Extensions allow developers to create and unlimited number of new features on the server side, from a simple database-driven login procedure to a sophisticated game logic and even interface the server with other applications.
Extensions can be developed using Java, ActionScript 1, Python... and you can even use all your Java classes in your ActionScript code, as if they where normal ActionScript objects!
More client APIs Other than ActionScript 2 and 3, we provide high level APIs for client platforms such as iOS (iPhone/iPad), Java SE and Android, .Net and Mono, etc.
Embedded HTTP Server

With the embedded web server, all you need to deploy your application is SmartFoxServer and a Java runtime. In fact the internal http server allows to serve static and dynamic web pages, run Python and Java servlets and integrate seamlessly with the server-side Extensions.

Database Manager Easily connect to and interact with all major RDBMS like MySQL, MS SQL, Access, Oracle, DB2, etc.
Embedded database engine We provide a powerful and lightweight database engine (H2 Database Engine) which eliminate the dependencies on any other external database. Everything runs in the JVM and can be moved effortlessly to different servers even running different operating systems.
Raw data protocols

Various serialization protocols are available (XML, JSON, String/raw) allowing developers to effectively reduce the amount of data transferred between client and Extension, allowing fast realtime action and optimized bandwidth usage.

Easily send emails You can easily send any text or html-formatted email without the need to use external software or application server. It can be useful to confirm a registration procedure, to send a lost password and even news or updates about your application.
Proxy/firewall traversal add-on The BlueBox is an advanced proxy/firewall traversal add-on allowing clients under restricted network conditions to enjoy fast multiplayer interactions.
Live audio/video streaming add-on The free RedBox add-on adds audio and video streaming capabilities, making it possible to integrate these features in any existing SmartFoxServer application.
The features implemented out-of-the-box by the RedBox are:
  • Live one-to-one audio/video chat
  • Live events (one broadcaster, many subscribers)
  • Remote A/V recording (video messages, clips, etc)
  • Video streaming
  • Simple API for handling A/V chat invitations, streaming, etc
Enhanced Administration Tool Remotely add/start/stop and debug your Extensions with the provided Administration Tool and without the need of restarting the server. Automatic Extension recompiling is also available to speed up the debug/development phases.

Client API

Applications and games interact with SmartFoxServer very easily and securely through a set of client APIs which "speak" the SFS PRO protocol. Launching a new game, interacting with friends in the buddy-list or moderating a chat is a matter of a few method calls. Additionally the client can access all the extra functionalities exposed by the custom server-side Extensions, offering a limitless set of possibilities.

The client APIs also provide a consistent framework across all supported platforms, making it very easy to create multiple clients in Flash, Unity, iOS and Android devices, etc, all interacting one with each other if needed.


The following table shows all the supported platforms and languages.

API language


ActionScript3 AS2 C# Java Objective C
(web player / standalone)
X X      
(web player / standalone)
(iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch)
(Adobe Air)
(Unity for iOS)
Android X
(Adobe Air)
(Unity for Android)
.Net / Mono     X    
Silverlight     X    
Java2 SE       X  


AJAX and Adobe's Director APIs are also available, but aren't supported anymore. The source code is available, for developers interested in updating them by porting the latest changes introduced in the official APIs.



The SmartFoxServer Pro licensing system is based on the number of concurrent users (CCU) allowed to connect to the server. We start from the free evaluation version allowing 20 CCU, up to the Unlimited Users version.

Evaluation version

The SmartFoxServer Pro Evaluation version is the ideal tool for anyone to get started with one of the most sophisticated multiplayer frameworks available.

Developers, indie game studios, students, educational institutes... anyone can enjoy developing for free with SmartFoxServer Pro. The evaluation version is full-featured and you will be able to use it as long as you wish, develop your own projects and put them in production at no additional cost.

You can get your free SmartFoxServer Pro copy directly from the download page.

Commercial licenses

In case you need more than 20 users to connect at the same time you can choose among very affordable commercial licenses for all project sizes and with a friendly upgrade fee.

Please visit the Buy page for additional information.


DownloadGet the free version of SmartFoxServer Pro, APIs and more
DocumentationAccess the SmartFoxServer Basic/Pro extensive documentation set which includes over 35 step-by-step examples with source code and more than 80 articles illustrating all the technical details of the server: features, architecture, API usage, configuration, tuning, etc
SupportEnter our support forums, where we provide answers to questions and technical problems; you can also request new features or enhancements to already existing functionalities, or simply contribute to our active community
ShowcaseVisit a small portion of the hundreds of projects built on top of the SmartFoxServer platform by our customers
BuyPurchase the retail license that better fits your needs in terms of concurrent users