SmartFoxServer is a comprehensive SDK for rapidly developing multiplayer games and applications with Adobe Flash/Flex/Air, Unity, HTML5, iOS, Universal Windows Platform, Android, Java, C++ and more.
SmartFoxServer comes with a rich set of features, an impressive documentation set, tens of examples with their source, powerful administration tools and a very active support forum.

Born in 2004, and evolving continuously since then, today SmartFoxServer is the leading middleware to create large scale multiplayer games, MMOs and virtual communities.
Thanks to its simplicity of use, versatility and performance, it currently powers hundreds of projects all over the world, from small chats and turn-based games to massive virtual worlds and realtime games.

November 9th, 2020The SmartFoxServer Cloud is here!

We are happy to announce the launch of Overcast, a dedicated cloud-based hosting service for SmartFoxServer 2X that provides a complete stack to build and run rich multiplayer games at any scale.

With Overcast developers can deploy any number of SFS2X instances in the cloud, world-wide, with a simple web-based interface. Each instance runs in its dedicated server with unlimited CCU and provides 100% of the SmartFoxServer 2X features.

For a full presentation of the service make sure to read this introduction to Overcast.

October 15th, 2020SFS2X 2.16.3 is ready!

SmartFoxServer 2X 2.16.3 is available as an update patch for all previous SFS2X 2.14 (and higher) installations.

The release provides bug fixes and new features that have been recently discussed in our support forums.

Download and release notes.

September 21st, 2020SFS2X 2.16.2 is available!

SmartFoxServer 2X 2.16.2 is available as an update patch for all previous SFS2X 2.14 (and higher) installations.

The release introduces several bug fixes and improvements that have been recently brought to our attention.

Download and release notes.

June 3rd, 2020Integrating Http requests in SFS2X Extensions

The need to communicate between an Extension and a remote server via HTTP/S is quite a common use case. Since SmartFoxServer already comes with embedded HTTP API we’re going to demonstrate how simple it is to integrate web requests in your server side code.

May 19th, 2020Developing custom AdminTool modules

With the release of SmartFoxServer 2X v2.16 and the final HTML5 version of its Administration Tool, we decided to introduce a long-awaited feature: support for custom administration modules.

In this article we will provide a brief introduction on the subject and a walkthrough of the development and integration workflow of the modules.

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