Purchase information

The following paragraphs contain important information about the checkout process. Please read carefully.


Value Added Tax for EU buyers

This online store is subject to italian tax regulations, which require the Value Added Tax (VAT) to be applied to orders submitted by buyers from European Union (EU) countries.

Nevertheless, if you represent a company located in the EU (excluding Italy), you can get a direct VAT exemption by entering your company name and VAT identification number in the respective fields during the registration/checkout process.

In other words:

  • customers buying as individuals from EU (not companies then) have to pay the additional VAT;
  • all other customers (companies from EU or other countries and individuals from countries outside the EU) don't pay additional taxes if they enter a comany name and a valid VAT number;
  • italian customers (both individuals and companies) always pay the additional VAT (IVA in italian language).


  1. During the account registration (or guest checkout), the entered VAT identification number is automatically validated against the official European Commission VIES database. If an invalid number is provided, a red warning is displayed at the top of the page: you can't proceed unless you clear the VAT field, but in this case the tax amount will be added to your order's total.
  2. In some countries a specific authorization must be requested to enable your company to make business with foreign countries. You should check with your fiscal advisor if your VAT identification number is enabled. If not, during the validation it will be reported as invalid (see 1).
  3. During the account registration (or guest checkout), if the European Commission VIES database (see 1) is down and the VAT number validation can't be performed, a yellow warning is displayed at the top of the page: you can still proceed, but the tax amount will be added to your order's total anyway.
    In this case please retry after some minutes. If still not working, please contact us by email and we will create your store account/order manually. 



Buyer vs Owner

Sometimes the buyer making the purchase is not the final owner of the software licenses we sell. In particular this happens with software distributors and resellers. If you are buying our products on behalf of a third-party company, please contact us by email after submitting your order and provide us the owner company name and email address. We will send the license/s setup instructions directly to the final owner (adding you in CC of course).

This is particularly important in case of SmartFoxServer 2X licenses purchase, because we need to setup a licenses management account on our infrastructure (read next).



SmartFoxServer 2X licenses management

SmartFoxServer 2X licenses are managed through a dedicated online administration interface which requires a specific account to be created on a centralized License Server. By default we use the email address entered during the purchase process as username of the License Server account. This may not fit your organization, for example in case of purchasing departments buying on behalf of technical departments, or in case of software distributors buying the licenses on behalf of third party companies. In this case please contact us by email immediately after submitting your order, providing the licenses administration appointee's email address.



SmartFoxServer 2X and the Great Firewall of China

SmartFoxServer instances hosted behind the Great Firewall of China can't reach our License Server, so the default SFS2X licensing system doesn't work. We can work around this issue by providing a file-based license: in order to do this, after submitting your order please send us the private IP address of your server and the SFS2X version you are going to install (2.10, 2.11, etc); we will generate the license file and send it by email.

Please note that the file-based license is available for standard licenses only; elastic licenses are not compatible with the Great Firewall.


Refund policy

Before deciding to purchase our softwares, please be sure to download, install, and test-drive the evaluation versions that we provide. We do not offer refunds on software when the retail version has already been sent to the customer.

We go to great lengths to produce an evaluation version with which customers can ensure their satisfaction and system compatibility. This allows them to make an informed purchasing decision. Once that purchase has been made, however, we do not provide a cash refund. We feel this policy is consistent with the major software retailers worldwide.



Additional informations

Additional informations are available on our website, in the Purchase section of the Frequently Asked Questions page. Please read the FAQ now.