OpenSpace is a powerful Flash-based isometric engine and framework for rapid development of multi-user virtual worlds and MMO communities. The engine leverages the power of ActionScript 3 and SmartFoxServer offering an unmatched level of features and customizations. Detailed product informations are available on the OpenSpace website.

OpenSpace is licensed on a "per-seat" basis: a per-seat license is a software license based on the number of individual computers on which the software can be installed. For example, acquiring a 2 seats license means that OpenSpace can be installed on up to 2 computers. Disinstalling a licensed OpenSpace from a computer makes it available for a new installation.

Please notice that:

  • the OpenSpace component and the OpenSpace Editor are included in the same license, so they can be installed on the same computer only; if ActionScript developers (who tipically use the OpenSpace component) and map designers (who tipically use the OpenSpace Editor) operate on separate computers, multiple seat licenses are required;
  • the licensing system applies to the development environment only: deploying the compiled application which contains the OpenSpace component to the the testing/production environments doesn't affect the "seat" count;
  • the seat licenses don't include the OpenSpace and OpenSpace Editor source code (available as a separate license);
  • all the OpenSpace licenses don't include the SmartFoxServer license(s) required for your project(s).

OpenSpace 3 Seats license

CODE: 0047

Acquire the right to install the retail version of OpenSpace v2 on three  developers' computers.

OpenSpace 2 Seats license

CODE: 0046

Acquire the right to install the retail version of OpenSpace v2 on two developers' computers.

OpenSpace 1 Seat license

CODE: 0025

Acquire the right to install the retail version of OpenSpace v2 on one developer's computer.

OpenSpace Source Code license

CODE: 0013

Get the source code of OpenSpace v2, together with the right to install the retail version on any number of developers' computers. More