{ Update } New API available, 1.0.0beta2

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{ Update } New API available, 1.0.0beta2

Postby Lapo » 14 May 2009, 08:02

we have just released the an update of the Objective-C iPhone API.

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» Version 1.0.0 beta2 (May 2009)

* New TicTacToe Game Example based on Actionscript SmartFoxTris tutorial, shows how to build a turn-based game, managing game creation etc...

* The Cancel button in the Create Room screen was causing the game to crash.

* While in the game, if one the players leaves the game, the remaining player was also brought back to the Lobby screen.

* Game was connecting to a hard coded zone. It now connects to the zone defined in the external config.xml file.

* When the game was finished, if one player choose the EXIT, the other one was also brought back to the Lobby screen.

* The game was crashing after creating a new game and pressing CANCEL in the "waiting player dialog"

* There was a bug in the handleCreateRoomError function while retrieving the error message.

* There was a bug in the handlePrivateMessage function sometimes causing parameters after the sender parameter not to be sent to the event handler.

* In INFSmartFoxUser.m both setPlayerId and getPlayerId was using _id instead of _playerId).

* There was data type error in the INFSmartFoxiPhoneClient.m handleEvent function causing an exception when the number of bytes read was returned -1.

* There was a wrong [_sendBuffers release] call causing an EXC_BAD_ACCESS exception in the INFSmartFoxiPhoneClient dealloc function.

Download here
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