Need to call a java file from as1.0

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Need to call a java file from as1.0

Postby sankarganesh86 » 22 Sep 2011, 10:30

Actually i need to call a normal java file from AS1.0 extension
so i done some changes in SFS server they are below

in the above file i add a line (


in the above file i add (./javaExtensions/) next to the ./sfsExtensions

and i create a normal java file name ( and get class file (one.class)

in the sfsExtension i create (

var test = new; --> used to create a object
and i have another function inside the
so i call .. test.getName(); & and i tested in a system it is working fine but

the same scenario i done in another system i got

Error in extension []: TypeError:[java package one] is not a function,
it is org.mozilla.javascript.nativejavapackage.

At the Server start up ...what is the problem ? what i need to do ?
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Postby BigFIsh » 22 Sep 2011, 22:03

It's hard to tell what's going on from here. I would suggest double checking everything starting from a fresh installation of Java RE (if needed).
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