Problem calling getapi(). RemoveRoom (room) manually

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Problem calling getapi(). RemoveRoom (room) manually

Postby emerrryjones » 27 Jul 2021, 03:08

What do housekeepers think about vacuum cleaners?

People have to handle many tasks during a day, including work and home duties. Many of them work every day and have no time to do what they want to do. Moreover, parents who have small children or babies will be stressed if they have no free time to let their hair down.

As a result, there must be a solution for people to minimize the huge amount of pressure. One of the best ways to reduce pressure is to reduce working time. At this point, let’s think about vacuum cleaners. Good vacuum cleaners will not only help you save your time and energy but also increase productivity. We are no longer using brooms to sweep floors, then come back to clean it again. Vacuum cleaners can do it at one time with high efficiency.

How to find the Top rated vacuum cleaners on the market?


Before you love a girl, you must understand her. It is the same with vacuum cleaners. Before you fall in love with them and buy them, you should understand them. First of all, let’s talk about their roles.

  • Vacuum cleaners can remove dust from your house, but not really large debris.
  • Vacuum cleaners have a wide range of sizes, models, brands, and so on.
  • Different models have different functions, which can meet different demands.
  • Beside high-quality vacuum cleaners, there are many fake and low-quality vacuum cleaners.
  • Not all reviews are reliable.
  • Only buy from trusted stores. Do not buy vacuum cleaners just because they are cheap.
Some tips above look normal for us, but you should always keep them in mind. Vacuum cleaners are electronic devices, which can cause severe injuries to users if they incorrectly use them. So, for the safety of yourself and people around, be a smart buyer!

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Customers can avoid getting allergies from using vacuum cleaners


The HEPA filter is one of the products used to filter clean room air. It has met U.S. government standards that an air filter must remove (from passing air) 99.97% of particles. Nowadays, experts and vacuum cleaner manufacturers have integrated HEPA filters into vacuum cleaners. Thanks to this integration, allergies sufferers are safer compared to the past. They are comfortable and convenient while working with vacuum cleaners. Fortunately, most of the new models of vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters. If you search for some best vacuum cleaners on the market, vacuum cleaners with this kind of filter are readily available.

How many types of dust that vacuum cleaners can suck?

Dirt and dust has many types. Dividing by material, there is metal dust, cloth dust, wood dust, plastic dust, sand dust, cement dust, and so on. Dividing by sizes there are large, medium-sized, missed, and fine dust particles. Vacuum cleaners cannot suck large dirt and some medium dust because the motors will be damaged by large debris. In addition, pet hair is also an item that vacuum cleaners can suck up in newer models today.

In conclusion

I share information about vacuum cleaners because I think that they are useful and necessary for all families. Tips for buying Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews are essential that customers should not miss. In the medium and final parts of the article, customers should remember the information because the information directly influences the safety level of customers. Thank you for being here with us. Thank you, and have a good day.
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Re: Problem calling getapi(). RemoveRoom (room) manually

Postby Lapo » 27 Jul 2021, 07:55

it seems like you're cancelling your scheduled Task before the it has finished to run.

Please double check your code and if you're calling Task.cancel(true); make sure to remove the boolean in parentheses. The problem with that is that you're stopping the thread while it is still working.

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