Is Redbox right for me?

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Is Redbox right for me?

Postby narfi » 02 Feb 2015, 20:17

First, you have a broken or dead link on this page,

I am a hobbiest without any formal education or real coding experience. I have had no problem modifying or making my own simple C# scripts in Unity3d but that is about the extent of my experience. (been having fun playing around with your smartfoxserver and examples the last few days)

I would like to have voice chat in my mobile projects. (using the google cardboard SDK on android, so no real screen space for text chats, and no keyboard for easy typing anyways)

First, is redbox still something you are actively promoting/supporting? (not sure with the dead link)
Second I read a post that it is not easily implemented in Unity because it uses actionscript3 instead of C#.
It seems that Unity does allow communication with actionscript scripts, ... cript.html but it is not anything I have messed with before.
Is this something that would be possible, and if possible how much of a learning curve would it be?
(would be interested to see if any other hobbiests have feed back on this as well as the devs here)

Or would something like be better for what I need and my abilities?

Thanks for your time,

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Re: Is Redbox right for me?

Postby Lapo » 03 Feb 2015, 10:29

thanks for heads up. It appears that Red5 has moved to GitHub:
We'll update our page.

The RedBox solution we offer works with Flash, which in turn can be used to make mobile apps and games. However you will need to switch to Flash for your app as you won't be able to mix Flash and Unity for a mobile project.

If you need to stick with Unity you will probably need to find a dedicated A/V solution for it. I am sure there are several options.
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