Get Array out of Hashtable

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Get Array out of Hashtable

Postby zauri2000 » 11 Dec 2009, 00:08

hi community,

I am trying to send a HighScore list from the MySQL DB to my clients.

On my Server AS Script

Code: Select all

if (cmd=="list"){
   var mySql = "SELECT player.Nickname, player.Score FROM player ORDER BY player.Score DESC LIMIT 10"
   var queryRes = dbase.executeQuery(mySql)
   var response ={}
   response.db = []
   if (queryRes != null){
           // Cycle through all records in the ResultSet
           for (var i = 0; i < queryRes.size(); i++){
                   // Get a record
                   var tempRow = queryRes.get(i)
               // This object will hold the record data that we'll send to the client
               var item = {}

                // From the record object we can get each field value
             = tempRow.getItem("Nickname")
                item.score    = tempRow.getItem("Score")
                     trace( + "   "+item.score)
                response.db.push( item )
    _server.sendResponse(response, fromRoom, null, [user])

On my Clients in Unity :

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void onExtensionResp(object dataObj, string type) {
if (type == SmartFoxClient.XTMSG_TYPE_XML)
              SFSObject responseData = (SFSObject)dataObj;
if (responseData.GetString("_cmd")=="getList"){
   // HERE is my problem, how do i get the array out of the Hashtable


How did i get the Array data out of my Hashtable ?

best regards
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Postby zauri2000 » 11 Dec 2009, 10:18

After 5h testing i get the solution :D

Code: Select all

if (responseData.GetString("_cmd")=="getList"){
         SFSObject myObject = responseData.GetObj("db");
         Debug.Log ("Size: "+ myObject.Size());
         for (int i=0; i< myObject.Size();i++){
         Debug.Log(myObject.GetObj(""+i).GetString("name")+' '+myObject.GetObj(""+i).GetString("score"));   

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