Networking Questions.

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Networking Questions.

Postby akaadan » 11 Aug 2009, 18:37

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help me answer these questions. Any help would be appreciated :)

We're developing an MMORPG using Unity and SmartFox, but my networking/programming background is weak. So please bear with me if these questions are too long and stupid.

I looked at the Unity/SmartFox Island example and I was able to understand it and use it for our game. Now we have a character in place and everything is working smoohtly, except I'm not sure what to do next. Here are my questions:

1. I'm trying to spawn enemies on the map, or even objects that the players can interact with. Now, the players have 2 instances, a local and a remote, the local sends messages to the remote and spits it back to the rest of the players. In case of a mob, or an interactive non-player character.. should I do the same thing? Create a local and a remote version and spawn it?..or would it be possible for one object to send info to the server and back to update itself? The mobs obviously need to spawn before the players too, so if thats the case, where would in the code would I spawn them? In the Network Controller Code?

2. So far, I only have knowledge about whats in that example file in terms of what Smart fox can do within Unity. Where can I find the rest of the code that is compatible with Unity. Like if I wanted to setup a master server within Unity through smartfox, what would I do?

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