[Beta] Club Zobbies

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[Beta] Club Zobbies

Postby Flappi282 » 12 Jun 2010, 14:32

After 6 months of coding, the Club Zobbies beta (a lot of glitches fixed) has been released
Unfortunately for you, you have missed the beta items.
Here is our website:
http://www.clubzobbies.com <- Our homepage
http://play.clubzobbies.com <- Playpage
http://blog.clubzobbies.com <- Our update blog
Try it out!
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Postby RedGuy » 09 Aug 2010, 18:45

Hm, these graphics aren't very good.
I've been registered for this game for a while, now, too.
(Psst, Flappi, it's me "RED" from teh Club Zobbies chat! :P)

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