Multiplayer Jump'n'Run "Jump Jupiter" !

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Multiplayer Jump'n'Run "Jump Jupiter" !

Postby Boing » 12 Aug 2009, 16:04

After more than one year of development time, our browser game "Jump Jupiter" is finally online. We like to call it the first MMOJNRAAG (Massive Multiplayer Online Jump 'N' Run Action Adventure Game) :wink:

Our game engine's heart is the Distributed Interactive Physics Engine, which allows realtime action with dozens of players - using the Smartfox Server of course.

Currently the game is only available in german, but I don't think you will have problems to test the game:

You can also watch a little video here:

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Postby Lapo » 19 Aug 2009, 07:44

Wow, Excellent job!

Can you share some details about the "Distributed Interactive Physics Engine"?
The name sounds cool 8)
How does it work?
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Postby Boing » 20 Aug 2009, 07:07

Thanks, Lapo! :D

DIPE basically consists of a physics engine running on the server plus one in every client with the server physics correcting the clients continuously.
To make this run smoothly and really real-time it takes a lot more, but I don't want to dive too deep into the details. Algorithms used in shooters were sometimes adaptable but because of flash/browser restrictions we had to come up with a lot of individual solutions.
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Postby sstark » 20 Aug 2009, 16:22

that's very interesting, we also developed a physics system that works in the same way on Red5. :)

great work.
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Postby Boing » 17 Mar 2010, 16:32

Just wanna mention: You can test the game now without creating an account.

-go to
-click the big button in the middle ("Jetzt kostenlos spielen")
-click the yellow button ("Probe-Level jetzt spielen")

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