Audio delay

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Audio delay

Postby eventdave » 06 Jul 2010, 09:00

We are trying to develop a microphone application for a conference environment.

We would like to be able to select a laptop and activate its microphone (this is all fine) and for that laptop user to talk into the microphone and we then feed this into the speaker system in the conference room.

The only problem is the audio delay, which makes talking difficult when you hear yourself half a second later.

Are there any settings for decreasing this delay?
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Postby Bax » 07 Jul 2010, 06:48

I suppose the delay is due to the Red5 processing, network lag, etc. I don't think there's much you can do, except making sure the network lag is reduced to the minimum by having the client and the server on the same lan (if possible).
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