Running examples for red box

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Running examples for red box

Postby eventdave » 02 Jul 2010, 14:19

I am running a windows xp machine and am trying to run the examples for red box.

I have started smartfox pro 1.6.6 and have started red5.bat

When I click the index.html file in, for example, smartfox chat AV it comes up with the following:

Connection failed!
Server IP:
Server port: 9339

What am I doing wrong?

Is there a step by step guide anywhere?

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Postby Lapo » 05 Jul 2010, 15:56

I would recommend to test the examples using the "guided" procedure.

1) Launch SmartFox (and Red5 for the A/V)
2) Point your browser to localhost:8080
3) Follow the simple procedure to install the examples and browse them
4) Launch the wanted RedBox example from there.

Works out of the box on any Windows/Linux/Mac machine we know of.
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