Red5 RC1 for SFS 1.x?

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Red5 RC1 for SFS 1.x?

Postby Prof_PP » 28 May 2011, 09:25

We currently run SFS 1.6.9 with Redbox (which uses Red5 0.6.3). I have tested SFS2.x which uses Red5 1.0 RC and the performance of Redbox is far better under the same conditions (except for SFS version).

We will change to SFS2 as soon as practical, however it would be nice to retro fit Red5 1.0 to SFS 1.x to see if the A/V performance is improved.

The Redbox configs between to two versions appear very different. I found one posting that suggested to just change the lib folder, but this does not work. I have change everything, but then SFS fails to start.

Has anyone successfully done this? or is it a wasted effort and I should wait for SFS 2.x to be completed?

Thanks for any comments or help.
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Re: Red5 RC1 for SFS 1.x?

Postby Bax » 30 May 2011, 08:10

Prof_PP wrote:is it a wasted effort and I should wait for SFS 2.x to be completed?

SFS2X is already complete. The RC status is due to the documentation being still "work-in-progress".
Anyway, you may try to install Red5 separately and use the SFS_RedBox webapp distributed with SFS2X (the old one doesn't work with Red5 1.0 due to a different logging system). That should be enough.
Paolo Bax
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