Looking for multiplayer game developer (project / freelance)

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Looking for multiplayer game developer (project / freelance)

Postby hr@apargames » 13 Oct 2015, 11:08

Skills required for a multiplayer game developer (suiting scenario of a tank battle game)

Problem Statement :
Create a trophy collection match with more than 4 players (simultaneously playing) using a client-server model with authoritative server and lag compensation. (Note : winning logic is not required)

Required implementations :
- Realtime Multiplayer Architecture
- implementation of client-server architecture with authoritative server
- concepts such as client side prediction, dead reckoning, entity interpolation & lag compensation in the above scenario
- all the above things in a realtime scenario (not asynchronous or turn based)
- (Networked) Physics Engine
- writing a deterministic physics engine on both client & server side (especially server side)
- collision detection & resolution
- car/tank navigation with joystick
- bullet shooting (missile & sniper like) & handling the bullet through paper problem
- advanced vector maths & classical mechanics
- AI
- Path finding, path following
- Steering behaviors : Seek, search, flee, attack, flock & follow

Programming languages preferred : Actionscript 3.0 (client side), Java (server side) (if not these 2 then any other programming language will be considered)

This project is on freelance / consultancy basis.
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Re: Looking for multiplayer game developer (project / freela

Postby coolboy714cp » 01 Mar 2016, 11:57

If the job is still available, I have just sent you a private message with my email address that you can contact me at, or if you prefer to just private message me on here, that is fine too. :)

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