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Postby bishakha » 02 Feb 2011, 09:21

Is there javascript/ajax/etc. code that will flip a photo in a web browser? I'm looking for code that will create that nifty "flip" effect you get when you click the "i" in a dashboard widget in OS X. I'd like to implement such an effect on my website, so that users can click on a photo to reveal more information about the photographer on the backside, without making them go to a new page or clutter up the rest of the page with text. Google hasn't helped me thus far. Can this effect be achieved in a web browser using javascript or some such thing?
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Postby BigFIsh » 03 Feb 2011, 16:50

This isn't related to SmartFoxServer or Actionscript at all. I afraid you won't find your answers here either.
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dean graziosi
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Postby dean graziosi » 18 Apr 2011, 07:25

What is actual usage of Blue Box and how it apply with CPU Load that is the main thing I would like to know. And also looking for more info on Java script.

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