Forcing BlueBox-only usage

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Forcing BlueBox-only usage

Postby inno1 » 11 Nov 2009, 13:42


We are trying to force BB-only usage due to regional networking specifics and staging environment constraints - most users are behind strict firewalls.

Currently everyone experiences 20 second time-out if we specify some incorrect port. We need a way to make BB connection forced and instant.

Any ideas? Thx.
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Postby Lapo » 18 Nov 2009, 20:39

Under Flash the socket timeout has become very slow since Flash Player 10. Your problem has been reported some other times... unfortunately it depends on the Player itself :(

As regards forcing the BlueBox, you simply need to pass a "wrong" port number. This way the socket will fail and revert to HTTP tunnel.
At the moment the API always attempt socket first.
We'll take into consideration to introduce a way to start a connection directly via BlueBox.

In case you need this for your project you can access our API sources and make a small modification to make it happen. If you need help contact us directly, via email
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