Max concurrent users support by bluebox

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Max concurrent users support by bluebox

Postby lekboon » 17 Aug 2009, 11:20

Hello, We have a games which using the bluebox to support more users who filtered by firewall. The concurrent users using the http connection which always maintain around 400-600 users.

We no sure if there got the limit on the bluebox or is there any setting to optimized on the jetty webserver so can enhance the concurrent http connection to smartfox?

The bluebox was no much problem for us,just doing the study if there got any limit on the bluebox on the max concurrent users .

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Postby Lapo » 19 Aug 2009, 07:34

it's not an easy question to answer. The BlueBox operates via HTTP protocol so its more demanding than SmartFoxServer. Roughly I would say that if a machine is capable of handling 10K concurrent sockets it will probably handle 1-2k BlueBoxed connections.

As regards optimizations, there is not much to do specifically for the embedded webserver but you might want to fine tune the JVM by adding extra memory (if you haven't already done it) etc...

One extreme optimization is moving the BlueBox on a dedicated machine (in the same network of the SFS machine) in case the SFS server is already too busy.

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