[GUIDE] Step-by-Step check and Bluebox Connection Test

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[GUIDE] Step-by-Step check and Bluebox Connection Test

Postby BigFIsh » 20 May 2009, 07:30

1. Check that your bluebox is enabled - use Admin tool.
- if not enabled, you can use the admin tool to enable it or set your WebServer to true in your server's config.xml file
2. Check your "jetty.port" value in jetty.xml ("path to your sfs"\Server\webserver\cfg)
3. Restart your server if needed to.
4. Now check your SmartFoxClient.as configuration for your client's API. (via your API\it\gotoandplay\smartfoxserver) Look for this line --> public var httpPort:Number. You only need to set this if you don't have a config.xml file associated with your flash application (which defines the http port number)
5. If your computer is behind a router, forward your http port to your computer.
6. Make sure your firewall isn't blocking your http port

and connect..

7. there should be a slight delay in connection (this is normal) as the server is trying to connect to the server using the normal port. If this fails, it will try and connect using bluebox (http) port.

To test this on your computer.
- don't block the port using your router. I got an java error (java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connection)
- use external IP address

- use your firewall to block port your normal port or
- change the port to something else (on client .as or config.xml or server - config.xml)

If successfully connected to bluebox, you should see a user logged in via Bluebox Monitor which can be found in your AdminTool.

Hope this helps.
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add some checks

Postby mephi » 29 Jan 2011, 12:32

hello BigFIsh
may I reccomend a few more checks to the list:
7. Check the ip of the smartfox in the config xml to be set to <ServerIP>*</ServerIP>
8. Check for missconfiguration in this lines in the bluebox.properites file :

9. Test the bluebox in your browser pointin to this url:

If there are some problems it would say them right away at the url.
I had problems running the BlueBox and after reading some posts I fixed it with the <ServerIP>*</ServerIP> and sfsAddr=
I hope this helps someone else too!

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