Game user being logged out when using bluebox

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Game user being logged out when using bluebox

Postby kilo » 01 May 2008, 11:56

We have a relatively simple 'rock paper scissors' type multiplayer game.
The game works perfectly when NOT using bluebox.
But now we have configured bluebox users are being logged out of the game at certain points. But only when using bluebox.

I'm not even sure where to begin to troubleshoot this, so any help at all would be appreciated.

The setup is this.
apache : port 80
smartfox : port 9339
bluebox/jetty : port 80

Thanks for your help - I'm getting desperate.
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Postby Lapo » 02 May 2008, 07:51

Don't despair :)
Instead could you please send us the config.xml and files?
Just send them to our email and we'll take a look.

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