What percentage of users need a BlueBox connection?

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What percentage of users need a BlueBox connection?

Postby Luc » 02 Oct 2007, 10:06

What would be a typical percentage of users that cannot connect without BlueBox? I assume this is mainly the office crowd that is affected?
Let's say I have a SFS installation without BlueBox. Is there a simple way of keeping track of the number of users that would benefit from it?

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Postby piser » 03 Oct 2007, 11:15

around 4% of 5 milions our users use proxy, 1% of them wanna connect to SFS to use our chat or games, so its around 500 users for simple SFS server each day. I think we gonna test this tool soon.
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Postby Lapo » 03 Oct 2007, 16:12

It really depend on a lot of factors.
I agree that probably the highest numbers of users with connection problems are those from offices, large companies etc... where networks have more restrictions than usual home setups.

I think there's also a percentage of home users running firewalls who might have similar problems.

A good way of setting up the server is to run SFS on port 443 (https) and the BlueBox on port 80. 443 is likely to be open for common https traffic and in case it's not usabl,e the client can find its way around using port 80
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