ban user for long duration

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ban user for long duration

Postby praveen213 » 30 Dec 2011, 07:07


My query is with respect to banning users from playing.

if i want the users to ban permamently and not bound to specfic time, what is the value which needs to go in <BanDuration> in config.xml
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Postby rjgtav » 30 Dec 2011, 15:18


Well, after some testing, I've found 2 solutions to achieve what you want:

1. If you set the banCleaning setting in the server's config.xml to "manual" (without the quotes), the system doesn't automatically un-ban the user after the specified time. The problem is that, this way, you have to monitor all the bans, and can no longer rely on the BanManager.

2. Instead of using the banManager for the permanent bans, you store instead in your database a boolean called, for example, isBanned, which is true when the user is permanently banned, etc.

You can always set the ban duration to a really high number, but this number will expire some day and the user will get un-banned.
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Postby Bosskafett » 11 Feb 2012, 18:22

if(_global.is_rocketsnail == 1){
mc.snail._visible = true;
smartfox.setUserVariables({snl:1, init:false})
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