any advice on next thing to check

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any advice on next thing to check

Postby eggs » 08 Jun 2011, 07:03

I am having problems with at least one user who is behind a firewall and cannot connect to smartfox.
I have tried to read all of the documentation and double checked to make sure the configuration is correct.

I check here:
http://hostname:8080/BlueBox/ ... ugCmd=main

And everything seems to look fine. Does that mean BlueBox is configured correctly, and should be working?

I also have a question about crossdomain. I am loading the policy file in the client. and in the server config, I have:


Should I remove the <policyallowedomains> if I am linking to an external policy file?

The external policy file looks like this:

<allow-access-from domain="*" to-ports='9339' />

If the above policy is incorrect, could that be affecting the user behind the firewall?

Thanks for any help.

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