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Change the upload default folder

Posted: 05 Oct 2010, 21:25
by mistermind
Hi there.
Is it possible to change the default directory where the files are uploaded to a custom folder (say, a folder located in the website)?

If not, does anyone knows a way I can move a recent uploaded file from webserver/webapps/default/uploads/ to my own custom location after I trigger the event fileUpload from handleInternalEvent?

In another possible solution, does anyone knows how can I "link" a folder located somewhere else in the server to be accessed from the website root using IIS?

If you know any of the solutions don't worry about the rest :D


Posted: 06 Oct 2010, 22:03
by mistermind
Found a solution to question 1 :D
There is a file under \Smartfox\Server\webserver\webapps\default called There you will find this line:

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self.uploadDir = "./webserver/webapps/default/uploads/"

As you can see its related to a local path. Just change to a different local path in your server and voi'la :D