One browser - many connections

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One browser - many connections

Postby corwin » 27 Sep 2010, 08:07

We have the following problem - we have browser based game and we are using sfs for internal (constantly connected in iframe) chat in the game. We connect players to sfs using their unique ids for usernames. The problem is that our users are playing the game in tabs. When they open more than one tab, only the first (or the last depending of the config) are connected to sfs, because of the uniqueness of the username.
We have some solutions in mind (connecting with different users, intercepting messages and dispatching them to the right user server side, or do sth similar client side, etc.), but they definitely doesn't sound ok. Do you have any hints or ideas how to do what we want (chats in some tabs getting same messages)?
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Postby Flappi282 » 23 Oct 2010, 12:20

To stop this you could run a local connection to see if the client already has a window open.

Hope it helps

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