Access to undefined extension

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Access to undefined extension

Postby suvroz » 17 Mar 2010, 12:10

I am trying to compile this piece of code:

import it.gotoandplay.smartfoxserver.*;

var smartfox:SmartFoxClient=new SmartFoxClient(true);
var extensionName:String="mydb";
butt_load.addEventListener("click", getData);
function getData() {
smartfox.sendXtMessage(extensionName, "getData", {}, "xml");
smartfox.onExtensionResponse = function(resObj:Object, type:String)
// We expect the response to be xml formatted
if (type == "xml")
// Let's check if it's a "getData" message
if (resObj._cmd == "getData")
// Cycle through the "db" object sent by
// the server and add it to the datagrid for visualization
for (var i = 0; i < resObj.db.length; i++)
trace(debug_txt.text+=" query "+resObj.db[i])

it is showing some error. is it due to some missing class file?

1119: Access of possibly undefined property onExtensionResponse through a reference with static type it.gotoandplay.smartfoxserver:SmartFoxClient.


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Postby Lapo » 18 Mar 2010, 17:08

It's the same as this -> viewtopic.php?t=7035&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
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