Create a User instance by a Java Extesion

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Create a User instance by a Java Extesion

Postby eyal » 06 Jan 2010, 13:34

In my application, a java extension is responsible for create a room and add a new User immediately after the craetion.
the Java extension recieves roomName, userId, userIp, userPort and zoneName.
while in room's creation, the extion try to create SocketChannel, using the following:

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socketChannel = InetSocketAddress(userURL, userPort));

but if failed with connection refused / timeout.
How it can be solved?
How can I create a User which represnents a remote user?
Does SmartFoxClient implements ServerChannel?

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Postby Lapo » 08 Jan 2010, 07:53

What you need to do is using an NPC which can be created via the ExtensionHelper.createNPC(...) method.

Additionally, since version 1.6.6 we provide an example with source code that shows the NPC creation/management.
You find it under {your-sfs-dir}/Examples/NPCExample/
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