Saving data into SQL with extension

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Saving data into SQL with extension

Postby kaligus » 22 Nov 2009, 11:39


please, I'm trying to save some data into MySQL and it just does not save... the code is all right... the information goes ok into cmd server (via trace command) and go ok to my game client, but it does not save into my MySQL table.

Look the code:

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dp.xt = queryRes.get(0).getItem("xptotal")
            dp.pts = queryRes.get(0).getItem("pontos")
            dp.din = queryRes.get(0).getItem("money")
            dp.niv = queryRes.get(0).getItem("nivel")
            dRet.xn = parseInt(dp.xt) + parseInt(dRet.XP) //xp novo
            dRet.dn = parseInt(dp.din) + parseInt(dRet.din) //dindin novo
            trace ("Total de " + dRet.xn + " XP e " + dRet.dn + " Moedas")

            sql = "UPDATE psng_dados SET "
            sql += " xptotal = '" + dRet.xn + "' AND "
            sql += " money = '" + dRet.dn + "' WHERE "
            sql += " nick = '" + nick + "' "
            var atualizar = db.executeCommand(sql)
            if (atualizar){
                trace ("OK")
            } else {
                dRet._cmd = "nook"

You can see that I convert the values to INT, in trace command, the sum returns ok (right value), but it just dont save into MySQL (like nothing happens).

Can you help with this?
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Postby Lapo » 23 Nov 2009, 09:43

Are there any errors on the server side after the query?
If the OK message is returned there's no good reason why data shouldn't have been saved.
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Postby kaligus » 23 Nov 2009, 13:33

That's the strange point :lol:

No errors in server side, the confirmation message in my serverside script works. It just does not save into MySQL.

I will check this again this week (working in another project now)... but if possible, can you make a test on your own? Then we can check if is it a bug or something.

Thanks for the reply, Lapo.

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