Bridge between php and smartfoxserver !

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Bridge between php and smartfoxserver !

Postby faisal007 » 20 Mar 2017, 16:12

Is there a way to call smartfoxserver server side extension method from PHP ? Basically we need to do these tasks without restarting server and also directly showing messages at client end.

- Add room from php admin panel.
- Add zone from php admin panel.
- Admin can send messages that will be directly visible on client side via smartfoxserver moderator message or something else ?

Are there any good solutions to do above tasks ?
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Re: Bridge between php and smartfoxserver !

Postby Lapo » 23 Mar 2017, 08:17

my quick answer would be no.

A more in-depth answer could be yes, but...

SFS2X runs a web server, so you could create a cross-talk system between your PHP backend and Jetty (the SFS2X http server), but it has multiple downsides:

1- security, you might expose the server to attacks
2- performance, the cross-talk system adds a lot of latency and PHP will soon become a bottleneck.
3- non persistent rooms can be created at runtime, but zones can't.

If this is done for administrative purposes... I am not sure why you would go to such great lengths to recreate what is already provided to you in a highly secure and performant way.


p.s. = I see you posted this under SFS 1.x ... my comment is essentially valid for both versions of SFS
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