SmartFoxServerPro -> ActionScript 3.0

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SmartFoxServerPro -> ActionScript 3.0

Postby cheekytrooper » 08 Mar 2017, 10:08


I was just wondering has anyone started changing the examples over from AS2 to AS3. I have seen a few posts about it on here before but the links are all dead. Is anyone in the process or is there files out there already that are AS3.

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Re: SmartFoxServerPro -> ActionScript 3.0

Postby Lapo » 09 Mar 2017, 08:51

under the Examples/AS3/ folder you can find a series of examples written for AS3.

More generally speaking AS2 and AS3 are pretty much the same language so, in terms of working with the SmartFox API, they are pretty much the same.

Final note: I'd recommend looking into SFS2X, which is a much more recent product that surpasses the previous SFS PRO under all aspects and provides wider support for all modern clients, including mobile devices.

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