C++ API cannot release resource

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C++ API cannot release resource

Postby seeingrain » 29 Jul 2014, 08:51

Call the below code for about 120 times, the system resource used up:
lg_ptrSmartFox=boost::shared_ptr<SmartFox> (new SmartFox());

Why I create the SmartFox instance for so many times? --- Because when a connection attempt failed or lost, I will automatically create a new SmartFox instance and reconnect to server.
I noticed, after calling lg_ptrSmartFox->Version(), the use_count increased to 8, and never decrease, the old SmartFox instance cannot be destroyed even giving a new SmartFox pointer. I investigated the source code of C++ API, it seems because of "shared_from_this()" calling inside of SmartFox.

How to release old SmartFox instance to avoid system resource used up?
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Re: C++ API cannot release resource

Postby Bax » 20 Aug 2014, 09:14

Sorry for tho late reply.
We are implementing a method to dispose the SmartFox instance. It will be available in the next version.
Paolo Bax
The SmartFoxServer Team

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