Marmalade integration

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Marmalade integration

Postby vmnikulin » 25 Jul 2014, 08:30


I wanna use SFS2X as multiplayer server with my marmalade client, but there is a problem. SFS C++ API uses some boost libraries. Smart pointers are ok, because marmalade has port to ecosystem ( ).
But what about boost.asio and boost.thread? Does anybody have successful experience with marmalade integration?
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Re: Marmalade integration

Postby Lapo » 26 Jul 2014, 15:41

I am not an expert of Marmalade and C++, so excuse me if I make silly comments. :)

The idea behind the C++ API was to make a portable, generic implementation that can be compiled on as many platforms as possible. Since Marmalade is an SDK I am not sure why there should be problems with integrating the two. For example Boost Asio is used by the SFS2X API for network I/O but it shouldn't interfere with any other SDK you might be using.

Is Marmalade forcing the developer to use only their networking API? Or something like that?

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