data packet too big crash

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data packet too big crash

Postby bqlf1907 » 15 Aug 2013, 04:25

server send a larger data packet(100K+);
client received the packet crash on

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// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// Uncompress
// -------------------------------------------------------------------
void ByteArray::Uncompress()

        //crash here
   uncompress(dataUncompressed.get(), &sizeUncompressed, dataToUncompress.get(), buffer->size());


if i set [Protocol compression threshold > the data packet Size(the larger data packet!!!)] on server;client received is normal;
if Protocol compression threshold = 1K, and the data packet is larger than the value,but not too lager much.
client execute ByteArray::Uncompress() is normal too,no crash;

so,if the data packet is too lager much,client crash!!!

i use 0.9.7.
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Re: data packet too big crash

Postby MBagnati » 18 Aug 2013, 09:45

The API version 0.9.8 (and version 0.9.7) contains a bug about compression when the data packet is big.
The fix will be released with next API version.

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