SFSDataSerializer is not exposed for use

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SFSDataSerializer is not exposed for use

Postby abcd » 06 Sep 2017, 19:25

I need to serialize SFSObject using methods object2binary and binary2object on SFSDataSerializer , but they are not available in JS API. Could you exposed them ?
Also docs for SFSDataSerializer not works. ( http://docs2x.smartfoxserver.com/api-docs/jsdoc/client/SFSDataSerializer.html#.instance and http://docs2x.smartfoxserver.com/api-docs/jsdoc/client/SFSDataSerializer.html#decodeObject )
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Re: SFSDataSerializer is not exposed for use

Postby Bax » 07 Sep 2017, 07:40

I'm sorry, but those methods can't be exposed, because you are not supposed to use them.
Can you describe you use case scenario?
Also, where did you find those links? If they appear somewhere in the documentation, we should remove them.
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