byte[] to string problem

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byte[] to string problem

Postby scofy » 31 Aug 2016, 06:49

When serverside send a string by byte[] to client like this:

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byte[] utf8 = str.getBytes("UTF-8");

and on client side i make string by function binl2rstr()

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 var len = param.readInt()
    if(len > 0){
        var nameData = []
        for(var i=0;i<len;i++){
        } = binl2rstr(nameData)

everything is ok,but Chinese characters are not displayed properly,how can i fix it?
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Re: byte[] to string problem

Postby Lapo » 31 Aug 2016, 08:26

why are you sending strings in bytes instead of just using the string type?

That way you're likely causing encoding issues. Unless there's a specific reason stick with strings and you won't have to worry about encoding.

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