Slow reading using binary protocol

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Slow reading using binary protocol

Postby ajelic » 31 Jul 2018, 15:13


We are migrating our webclient to support JS binary API. Only issue we are having trouble with is slow parsing inside "onPacketRead"
on method "c.SFSObject.newFromBinaryData(o)". Data sent from Smartfox server is an SFSArray of SFSObjects which takes ~700-800ms for one SFSArray with 100 SFSObjects.

Can you help us with debug/optimize this part of the code or restructure data that is being sent by Smartfox server?

We can send you data via PM/mail.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Slow reading using binary protocol

Postby Lapo » 31 Jul 2018, 17:41

well, it may depend on what each of the 100 nested objects contains...

Can you share the details of the data structure you're sending (a binary dump would work, via the SFSObject.getHexDummp())?
Also what browser are you using? And what are the specs of the test machine?

You can send the details to our support@... email box with a reference to this discussion.

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