Question To EVERYONE!

Post here your suggestions for new possible features in SmartFoxServer 2X.

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Would you use a SmartFoxServer Extension Marketplace?

YES, I would use the desktop application.
YES, I would use the Marketplace website.
YES, I would use BOTH, the Marketplace website and the desktop application.
MAYBE, but I'm not sure yet.
No votes
NO, I would NOT use the Marketplace.
No votes
Total votes: 4
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Question To EVERYONE!

Postby coolboy714cp » 01 Mar 2016, 11:08

Hello all!

I read this thread the day after it was created: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=18125

This is a feature I would personally LOVE to see - even if SmartFoxServer/gotoAndPlay() would have to get a percentage of every single sale or purchase made! So, although I do have a question to EVERYONE ON THE FORUM, this is also a post to request the add-on/extension marketplace!

Anyways, considering this has not been created yet and it's unknown if it ever will be created by SFS, I would like to ask everyone in the entire forum:

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If I was to create a desktop application in Adobe Air to create a SmartFoxServer 1X and 2X extension marketplace, would anyone here be interested in using it once completed? If you would use it, would you rather it be created in HTML5/JavaScript/jQuery?

Extensions would be able to be securely bought, sold, and even traded.

Scamming protection will be put in place, especially for extension trading, so trades will only be processed if both extensions are what they are supposed to be and only if they actually work.

All payments will have to be processed by PayPal, and there will be no extra fees to buy, sell, or trade extensions.

I hope I can find some way to allow people to login with their SFS forums credentials, that way I would be able to retrieve profile information and avatar pictures for users marketplace profiles.

Anyways, even if nobody would like to use it, I still plan to create a SmartFoxServer extensions marketplace desktop application and/or website just to develop something new. Thanks for your time! And please take the poll! :)

I also created a poll for you all to take! :) Hopefully people will want to use this to make money from their code in a quick and easy way, as well as learning from others coding (I know thats one of the easiest ways for me to learn, especially when I first started coding extensions for SFS). :)
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Re: Question To EVERYONE!

Postby Dyl89cp » 02 Mar 2016, 22:36

Yes! I'd use the desktop application. It would seem like a little neat tool, pretty good idea! hopefully you can make this happen.

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