Connection pooling trace

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Connection pooling trace

Postby Neznajka » 25 Jan 2013, 15:28

there is option to get connection

it would be great to add trace if all connections are busy.

sometimes somewhere you forget to close connection and than server just don't work when this function is called in my case 10 times. at least for me it takes long time to understand what is wrong, couse of this problem is that you don't see where is the problem. if there would be some message trace or something to know that all connections are busy, there would be much easier to understand where is the problem.
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Re: Connection pooling trace

Postby rjgtav » 27 Jan 2013, 23:56


Currently there's a bug on the current release (2.5.0), where it was supposed to thrown an exception when the pool is full, but currently it isn't.
Stay tuned for the next update, coming this week probably, which already fixes this issue.

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