redbox eamples are not working

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redbox eamples are not working

Postby lengmark » 25 Feb 2016, 15:33

Hi Bax/Lapo,

Trying to get the redbox system working.........smartfox standalone and redbox are running with just info msg's.
I'm running everything on my local machine (Laptop - win 7 home premium). Everything (Rebox/Smartfox) was installed in my user folder. I did follow all of the installation procedures and all looks good. I am running the examples from the examples folder on my desktop (not in the user folder)

When I try the examples (HTML and SWC) I get the login screen and not connected lower left button??

Please Help,
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Re: redbox eamples are not working

Postby Bax » 25 Feb 2016, 16:20

This seems to be a connection issue between the client and the server.
Did you try with another example, like the Connector (from the Flash examples pack)? ... /connector
I suspect you will get the same result. Let us know.
Paolo Bax
The SmartFoxServer Team

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