RedBoxConnectionEvent.AV_CONNECTION_INITIALIZED not fired

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RedBoxConnectionEvent.AV_CONNECTION_INITIALIZED not fired

Postby LeMageFou » 08 Feb 2012, 15:48


When I connect to the Red5 server using the AVCastManager class, I don't get the event RedBoxConnectionEvent.AV_CONNECTION_INITIALIZED. I subscribed to the events like this :

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AVCManager = new AVCastManager(smartFox, SERVER_IP+":"+REDBOX_PORT);
AVCManager.addEventListener(RedBoxConnectionEvent.AV_CONNECTION_INITIALIZED, onAVConnectionInited);
AVCManager.addEventListener(RedBoxConnectionEvent.AV_CONNECTION_ERROR, onAVConnectionError);
AVCManager.addEventListener(RedBoxCastEvent.LIVE_CAST_PUBLISHED, onLiveCastPublished);

I don't get any RedBoxConnectionEvent events but I get the LIVE_CAST_PUBLISHED event (I can receive LiveCast).

Furthermore, the attribute isConnected of AVCastManager is always at false. So if I do something like this :

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if (AVCManager.isConnected)
   for each (var liveCast:LiveCast in AVCManager.getAvailableCasts())

I don't get any LiveCast. But if I remove the isConnected test, I get the LiveCast.
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Re: RedBoxConnectionEvent.AV_CONNECTION_INITIALIZED not fire

Postby Bax » 16 Feb 2012, 08:35

We never experienced this issues. We will check again as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting.
Paolo Bax
The SmartFoxServer Team

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