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cam is frozen after I subscribe with AVCastManager

Posted: 29 May 2011, 02:30
by alucidtech
I am using AVCastManager to subscribe to a streaming cam. The cam loads correctly using the below code, but only the first frame, then it just sits there. I'm guessing that it is being published correctly on the other end because the if I logout of Smartfox room and back in, subscribe to cam again, the frozen frame is updated to the current frame. here is my code for displaying the stream ("cam" refers to a video object contained in the "room_" clip) :

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for each (var liveCast:LiveCast in avCastMan.getAvailableCasts())
               var stream:NetStream = avCastMan.subscribeLiveCast(;
               var myRoom = getChildByName("room_"+sfsRoom_txt.text);
               var cam = myRoom.getChildByName("cam");

Posted: 30 May 2011, 08:05
by Bax
Not sure what the problem could be. How do you test this? Are the streamer and the subscriber on the same machine? This sometimes causes issues. Try using two separate computers.
If this is not your case, than you should maybe check the Red5 support.