Question about LoginBox and connexion

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Question about LoginBox and connexion

Postby Eldido » 31 May 2012, 14:03

Hi all,

In my game I have the classic login screen. I use the smartFoxBits LoginBox and a custom login module.

I wonder why loginBox requires you to be connected to the server BEFORE you can begin typing in your credentials. I mean often I lanch the game, do something else for 10 minutes with the login screen getting timed out by the server. Then I have to refresh the whole page ... it s quite annoying and frankly I don't understand what justifies it. If the server's not up, I will know it when I submit my credentials anyway.

So I tried to modify LoginBox to allow a player to type his credentials while not being connected to the server, then when he hits the "login" button, I load the smartfox XML configuration, connect to the server and submit the credentials all at once.

Works great so far ! Maybe there was a simpler solution though.
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Re: Question about LoginBox and connexion

Postby Bax » 01 Jun 2012, 07:22

We decided to split the connection (performed by the Connector) from the login (performed by the LoginBox). For most of use cases this is fine. In your case your solution is fine too.
Paolo Bax
The SmartFoxServer Team

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