Outgoing login attempt invert params

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Outgoing login attempt invert params

Postby Eldido » 10 Jan 2012, 17:37


this may be a simple stupid mistake but I can't figure out where I should investigate to repare this :

I'm trying to build a custom login page. I use a Connector and a LoginBox

Everything works just fine when I use settings to allow guest users but I want to switch to registered users to save their data from one play session to another.

Whenever I try to login, the component tell me that it can't reach the zone, and the zone name it displays is the password I submitted.

I took screenshots :

the LoginBox Configuration :


the result of submitting mylogin // mypassword as credentials :


What I see in the Flash trace :

Code: Select all

[SFS - INFO] Object going out:
   (byte) c: 0
   (short) a: 1
   (sfs_object) p:
      (utf_string) un: ServerZone
      (utf_string) pw: ab1ea83696c8a3a4a9d79e2a07e9c393
      (utf_string) zn: mypassword

To get it out of the way, my custom login server page always returns res=OK so there is no problem this way, I guess

I looked everywhere and can't seem to figure out why it seems the program switch values from the 3 fields. It seems that

    the un field has the ServerZone value
    the pw field has the login encrypted value
    the zn field has the password value

but it seems to me all these are handled by the SmartFoxBits components.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Postby Bax » 12 Jan 2012, 10:17

Thank you for reporting. We will investigate.
Anyway we strongly recommend that you use a custom login procedure based on SmartFoxServer, instead of using an external web page.
You can find more informations on custom login in the SFS documentation.
Paolo Bax
The SmartFoxServer Team
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Postby Eldido » 12 Jan 2012, 10:36

Thank you for your answer, Bax

I'll be moving to a custom login procedure as you suggest.

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