Client Authentication using SmartFox.InitCrypto() or otherwi

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Client Authentication using SmartFox.InitCrypto() or otherwi

Postby » 23 Dec 2015, 10:07


I am looking to implement a secured and authenticated connection between client and the Smartfox Server.

I did read through the doc on Protocol Cryptography - ... yptography

Understood setting up certificates to use SSL.. However, I am looking further to make sure that I authenticate the client to the Server so that just any client cannot connect to the server.

Can I use the same mechanism to setup a Client side Certificate as well so that Server allows connection after authenticating the client connecting to it?

Any other mechanism to do this would be welcome.

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Re: Client Authentication using SmartFox.InitCrypto() or oth

Postby Lapo » 23 Dec 2015, 11:22

I am not sure I understand what you mean by "any client cannot connect".

Typically clients will use their credentials (username and pass) to login and the connection will be encrypted via the standard TLS 1.2, so you know who is connecting.

Can you clarify the above statement?
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