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Broken Pipe?

Posted: 25 May 2015, 21:46
by brendan7
After the latest client sdk update (v1.6.0) I am having some problems with resuming a connection after it is lost.

The application goes through the process of registerring a new SFSClient and event listeners after the connection is lost. Then, as it is trying to reconnect, I am seeing this error a lot:

W/System.err? 10464 [Thread-910] ERROR sfs2x.client.core.sockets.TCPSocketLayer - TCPSocketLayer: Socket error: sendto failed: EPIPE (Broken pipe)

Any ideas what would cause a broken pipe?


Re: Broken Pipe?

Posted: 26 May 2015, 06:56
by Lapo
by reconnection do you mean using our HRC reconnection system, or simply starting a new connection manually when you detect a disconnection?
If it's the latter can you describe how your reconnection logic works?

"Broken pipe" is usually a reference to a generic socket error.