Room variables

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Room variables

Postby tinnt » 22 Nov 2012, 10:33

Hello everyone,

I created a room on server side and set room variable list to CreateSFSGameSettings. I also can see these variables from Admin Tool (Zone Monitor) But I cannot get room variables list from client side by getVariables() api as in docs marked 'private'.

How can I get room variables list from client side at anytime? Does I need to join the room before get the list?

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Re: Room variables

Postby rjgtav » 22 Nov 2012, 15:56


Without joining a Room, you can only access global RoomVariables (more info here), the only requirement is to join that room's Room Group in order to receive the variables.
If you want to retrieve the rest of the variables you have to join the Room first
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Re: Room variables

Postby tinnt » 23 Nov 2012, 00:09

Thank you for you answer.

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