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client side Development using Google PlayN and SmartFoxServe

Posted: 19 Nov 2012, 20:18
by gofa
Has any one developed client side code using Google PlayN enabling you to target HTML5, Flash, Andriod, IOS, and the plain old Java application which is the sorce language. and Used SmartFoXServer with PlayN ?

bit of a long shot, I know.

intresting tech, giving good productivity, mabey ?

so using this tech we could have one java source code base, push it out to the 5 diffrent clients, and still the java code to run the athorative server world simulation, or some thing like this ?

any thoughts, comments, or How To ' s all wellcom.

Re: client side Development using Google PlayN and SmartFoxS

Posted: 20 Nov 2012, 10:14
by Lapo
Thanks for posting about this, honestly we didn't know about it :D
It seems that almost every day there's a new SDK that targets mobile and HTML5... it's getting hard to keep up.

In any case it looks interesting and would be definitely worth a look.


Re: client side Development using Google PlayN and SmartFoxS

Posted: 20 Mar 2013, 16:03
by username55
This is actually an interesting topic. Nice share...! thumbs up.

Answering your question, theoretically speaking it is feasible to do that. Given that, SFS provides a straight-forward deployment mechanism.

What i have in mind (generally speaking) all needs to be done is

1. develop your game (use ur favorite SDK i.e. unity)
2. compile and build your game (although using HTML5 in this case probably the less complex way)
3. deploy game.

I don't really know PlayN that well, but after reading a short story about it. It seems that you can use it to port your game to various platform (imo).