Android NDK Support through C++ client API

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Android NDK Support through C++ client API

Postby Mazyod » 21 Oct 2012, 09:25

Hey guys,

I will be using the Client SFS API with a game developed using C++ on Android (through the NDK) and iOS. I was initially heading towards using the Android Java client APIs that you provided, and connecting them to my C++ code through the JNI. However, this has proven to be a very lengthy and tedious job :( Not to mention, that I would have to integrate it separately when I jump to iOS/Mac/Win ... etc. The C++ game will run seamlessly on those platforms, but I have to integrate the SFS Client separately without a C++ API...

I read somewhere on the forum that you could offer the client-side APIs source, and it'll be up to me to make a C++ API, however, I am not really sure I can accomplish such a task. However, I will resort to this solution in case no better alternative exists.

Any help/thoughts are much appreciated!
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Re: Android NDK Support through C++ client API

Postby Bax » 22 Oct 2012, 08:06

We have started porting the API to C++, we plan to have a beta ready for early 2013.
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